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Take the Plunge

Enjoy the health benefits of cold tub technology.

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Embrace the Cold Plunge

Unlock your potential with a cold tub. Break through mental barriers. Feel invigorated.

Arctic Plunge cold tub will change your outlook on life and allow you to break through your own boundaries and make you feel you can take on the world. With its unique design and quality construction, the Arctic Plunge is the best polar tub technology available.

Arctic Plunge Cold Tub

Cold Water Therapy

Cold water immersion is a therapeutic treatment that can provide a range of health benefits

Reducing muscle soreness

Improving recovery time


Decreasing inflammation

Improving Circulation


The Arctic Plunge cold tub is a revolution in cold water immersion therapy. With the Arctic Plunge, you can reduce muscle fatigue and soreness, minimize recovery time, and decrease inflammation--all while improving circulation.

Adding Arctic Plunge to your health and wellness regimen is a great way to improve the effectiveness of your workouts.

Cold exposure can significantly increase the production of norepinephrine in the body, with a consistent increase of 200-300% that does not diminish over time. The colder the temperature, the more pronounced the body’s response to the increase in norepinephrine production. In fact, a 20-30 second immersion in near freezing water can elicit the same level of increase as a 6 hour walk in 60°F weather.

Arctic Plunge Specifications

Arctic Plunge Cold Tub

Power Supply

15Amp, 110V


Stainless steel 304



Water Capacity

79 Gallons

Dry Weight



Hose pipe connection

Antifreeze Function

Prevents the formation of

ice or frost

Ozone + FIltration

Built-in ozone and filter

system for clear water


As low as 37 degrees

Cover Included

Insulated for reduced
running costs

Installation and Setup

Setup is fast and simple, requires no plumbing skills or special tools. Find out more about how quickly you can have your new Arctic Plunge up and running.

Arctic plunge cold tub

1 - Width: 29"

2 - Length: 71"

3 - Height: 30"

4 - Tub Length: 47"

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